Week Sixteen of the NFL season is here, and ESPN will be airing their final game of the year on Monday night when the Green Bay Packers traveling to Chicago to take on the Bears. Not only will there be a “For Love or the Game” with Greg Jennings, AND a look back on the Monday night season in photos, but we’ll also be getting a “comic book style” intro from Samuel L. Jackson!

The 2008 season finale of ESPN’s Monday Night Football will include a matchup of longtime NFC North rivals when standout rookie running back Matt Forte and the Chicago Bears – still in the hunt for the division title – host Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers December 22 at 8:30 p.m. ET. It will be the first MNF game in the Windy City since 2003.

Samuel L. Jackson, star of the upcoming film The Spirit, will appear in a special stylized opening tease to kick off the season finale of Monday Night Countdown at 7 p.m. Still photographs of heroic Bears and Packers faces are given a comic book feel in their framing and color treatment as Jackson tells the story of heroes and villains, of good and evil, and a classic rivalry, capturing the longtime spirit of this NFC North matchup.

Well isn’t that special? As if Jim Carey’s cheesy movie wasn’t enough. Although, I think “The Spirit” looks badass, and if they’re going to use anyone for a spot before the show….Sam Jackson isn’t exactly a bad choice.