No I’m not talking about the picture on your television, but rather the images and graphics that ESPN is adding to the program when they debut it March 30th. From Fanhouse via ESPN…

One notable innovation in the 16×9 HD delivery of ESPNEWS is the “HD Sideline” graphic. This latest incarnation of the traditional “BottomLine” will now wrap around the top, left and bottom of the screen for HD viewers. This will allow for additional real-time information – news, scores, stats, headshots, standings, and more – to be imparted, while still delivering 16×9 HD video in the remaining space. The familiar “BottomLine” on ESPNEWS’ standard definition presentation has also been redesigned to convey additional text, headshots and graphics. It will continue to reside at the bottom edge of the screen.

For some reason I’ve always enjoyed ESPN News. Sure the anchors seem like they’re trying out to make the Sports Center roster but it’s the only place where you can get actual Sports News on ESPN anymore without interruptions (for the most part).

When I first looked at the graphic on the side I thought that it would be pretty intrusive to the rest of the screen, but one of the main reasons I go to ESPN News is to find out current scores. I guess they mind as well throw the little helmet and stats up there too. This is perfect for an HD snob like myself.

This Is What ESPNews Will Look Like in HD (Fanhouse)