I watched most of ESPN’s Masters Coverage today and wanted to share a video and a few words. I might be jumping to this conclusion a bit too quickly but without Chris Berman involved the two (well three actually) day span covering the major Golf tournament could rival College Gameday as the best produced event/show on the network.

Mike Tirico is solid and seems to really be enjoying himself and Van Pelt’s work with Andy North was stellar as well. If you’re working tomorrow you can check it out online or be sure to TIVO it. It’s one of the last true portrayal of a Sport without people yelling over one another and over-the-top graphics. I don’t say this often, but great job today ESPN. The Par 3 Contest was fun to watch and the previews of the tournament, the course and there players were all well done. Including this one….

(P.S.- I put the vacation post up before I wanted to, so you have to deal with me for a few more posts. I’m heading out first thing tomorrow, so I’ll try to get some things up before I head out)

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