A Columbus radio station, that has on ESPN analysts as regular guests, has been talking all week about the upcoming UM-OSU game. They’ve had both Chris Spielman (OSU alum) and Desmond Howard (UM alum) on in the past few days, and both have pulled no punches in laying into the team and the coaching staff….

Desmond Howard- “That would be the popular thinking after watching them lose eight games this season, and the way they’ve lost some of those games. I made a comment (Sunday) on our show that it’s not like they were trying to learn a spread offense (as much as) like they were trying to learn how to play football in some of those games, they looked so bad. This isn’t Michigan, this is like Michigan Tech.

“I said, ‘If they win six games, Rich Rod is one of the best coaches in college football.’ Then I said, ‘If they win seven, he has to be finalist for the best coach in college football, if they win eight, he is the best coach in college football.’ I expected them to struggle.

“Now, there’s a way to lose, and there’s a way to look embarrassing. Earlier in the season, when guys couldn’t field kickoffs, that to me that goes beyond coaching.

“There’s a lot of blame to go around, so Rich Rodriguez, and (defensive coordinator) Scott Shafer and the rest of the coaching staff — those guys definitely have to shoulder some of the blame, there’s no doubt about that. But as a player, you have to have some pride to go out on the field and do certain things that show you’re a football player.”

Chris Spielman- “[The Wolverines] stink, they’re not very good. They don’t play offense … they can’t run it consistently, they can’t throw it consistently, they can’t stop the run, they’re not very good defending the pass, they’re not very good covering kicks, they’re not very good returning kicks.”

“I love seeing them beaten down, man. It’s great.”

Well how’s that for journalistic integrity? I understand the rivalry and the hatred, but saying you love seeing them “beaten down”, is just a little over-the-top if you ask me. I think Herbstreit has always taken the right approach when he discusses the two teams, and there’s always going to be some level of love for your school, but let’s tone it down some there, Chris.

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