Hot Clicks features a look inside Erin Andrews’ time at Fan Fest today and it’s equally interesting and creepy. Apparently High Pitch Erik from the Howard Stern Show was on hand and not only did he ask for EA’s phone number but he invited her on the show….

We watched her interact with fans of all ages, including a baby who didn’t want to be held by Andrews (he’ll regret that later in life) and a middle-aged man who just stood about a foot away from Andrews and stared at her for about a full minute while shaking his head in disbelief and commenting over and over about how much prettier she is in person (which is true, but the scene was still creepy). But the highlight (or maybe, lowlight) was when Howard Stern wack packer High Pitch Erik stepped up. The longtime Stern character didn’t get a picture taken with Andrews. He just asked her who she was and if she wanted to go on Stern’s show. When Andrews told him that the show should go through ESPN to book her as a guest, he then asked her for her phone number. Seriously.

If ESPN approves Andrews’ appearance on Howard Stern, I will lose my s**t. You know what though? Stern is probably the only person that wouldn’t get the same rehearsed answers from her. Let’s make this happen.

Hangin’ With Erin Andrews (Hot Clicks)

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