I honestly vowed to move away from the seemingly constant Erin Andrews updates on the site, but the woman actually had something new to say in an interview with First Cuts today. Back in October, I came across a nugget that hinted at a move to Hollywood for the Sideline Queen, but as it turns out….that was blown “way out of proportion” (sure it was)….

EA: I don’t want to switch. The one part of that article that they didn’t put in there was I said I want to read TMZ and People when I want to get away from sports because I read about sports 24/7. So then it was this whole thing on the internet. “Oh my god, Erin Andrews going to Hollywood!” And it was like, “No, that’s not what I said.” I’m honestly one of the biggest tomboys there is and I love sports.

I went on a trip with my dad a couple of weeks ago and we went to a sporting event. We were in the hotel and he changed SportsCenter and put on National Geographic, and I asked him “What are you doing?” and he said “I’m just giving you a break from it all.” The most entertainment I’ve ever done was The ESPYs for ESPN and I think that’s almost a perfect amount because it’s Hollywood and athletes. I don’t get to meet the NBA and NFL guys normally. I’m not really looking to get into entertainment right now.

Whew! In all seriousness though, I think a move to Entertainment would be a bad move for her at this point. As much fun as we poke at the sideliners of the world, she still works her tail off. And in the pantheon of the “out-of-bounders”, she still delivers information and interviews that I can actually stand. So yeah….crisis averted, I guess.

Oh and if you thought we were done with EA news today, you are sadly mistaken. She was also on the DP show today, and in one of the more humorous stories she’s shared…..EA talks about being outrun by a 78 year old Joe Pa!


Man….just the thought of Erin Andrews getting stiff armed by Joe Pa makes me giggle. Good times. Feel free to click the link below for the full DP show interview with Ms. Andrews.

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