Not scary in the sense that she looks bad, but when I clicked on a link to her newest business endeavor, A few months back, Deadspin noted that EA was working with a company called Replay Sports that sells photos from various College teams throughout the Country. They are using her for their holiday push (as seen above), but when I clicked on a link via TBL, I wasn’t quite ready for her to appear on screen and start yelling at me about pictures.

I naturally recorded the screen (she’s a bit choppy), but if you want to get the full experience yourself….head over to Replay Photos.

Random, but seemingly a great business strategy. She’s one of the hottest people on the Internet, at least in the Sports World, and the photos the site offers are actually pretty sweet. Well sort of….I don’t know how many Florida International pics they’re going to sell.

Update: Thanks to Ian from Sox & Dawgs we know have the ad as a stand alone as well!

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