Big League Stew had the chance to chat with NESN, and now TBS Analyst, Dennis Eckersley recently and the former closer had an interesting response to questions about his haircut. A few people, most notably Mike Greenberg, have bashed Eck’s hair as of late, and he just doesn’t know why….

BLS: So what’s your response?

Eck: (laughs) What do you want me to do — cut my hair? This is who I am. I guess I can be critical, too, saying somebody dresses from the 70s, like “Come on when are you gonna change the style here?” I understand where they’re coming from, but at the same time I’m sensitive to it.

BLS: That’s one of the differences between the local and national spotlight, you weren’t hearing about your hairstyle as much in Boston

Eck: Not at all because everyone knows who I am (in Boston). Nobody was thinking, “Who is that guy with the long hair?” I never realized what happens in this (national television) situation is that you’re opening yourself up to scrutiny about everything … and they care what you look like!

BLS: People have said that your hairstyle, is in fact, a mullet.

Eck: I hate that when they say mullet. That’s not good when they say mullet because that means that they don’t like my act. (Smiles)

BLS: But your hair is you.

Eck: I know, what am I supposed to do?

Greenberg called the hairstyle distracting, and while it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever seen atop someone’s head, I don’t really see it as such. Well it’s certainly not as distracting as someone with a nasally voice, saying his show’s name over and over again. Now that’s distracting!

Dennis Eckersley hates when you call his hairstyle a mullet (Big League Stew)

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