This past Summer, E:60 got some attention for railroading Miguel Tejada about his real age, and the Astro walked off set. Well yesterday the show featured an interview with UFC fighter and ex-Pro Wrestler, Brock Lesner, and he also decided to end things early. The show did an entire piece on the guy and then during the one-on-one portion, ESPN correspondent Tom Farrey decides to delve into steroid talk. Watch what goes down at around the :20 mark….

I still think E:60 is a bit cheesy, but they are definitely throwing out some interesting stories as of late. The problem with the Tejada interview was that it was a complete setup. Lesnar on the other hand should have at least been expecting this line of questioning, and to walk out when he could have just said he’d never tested positive is a bit sketchy.

Brock Lesnar Storms Out of ESPN Interview When Subject Turns to Steroids (Fanhouse)

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