After last week’s dreadful showing by the Monday Night Football, and all of the criticism that the program received (both here and in mainstream media), you would think that Tony Kornheiser would consider changing a few of the talking points he’s drilled into our brains.

Nope. Tony is charging forward with more Brett Favre talk and with this Monday’s game actually featuring the Quarterback, prepare yourself for a long night. From Sign On San Diego via The Sporting Blog….

That’s the San Diego perspective to Monday’s game. For the rest of the country, the game marks the first appearance on “MNF” for Brett Favre as a Jet.

And this much we know: Kornheiser will not shy from talking about Favre. In fact, he did it so much in the “MNF” opener between the Vikings and the Favre-less Packers that “Tirico had to put a moratorium on me,” Kornheiser said.

But he makes no apologies. “It’s impossible to believe anybody would think any story approaches Brett Favre so far this year in football,” he said.

“I talked extensively about him in Game 1; I talked about him in Game 2 and I will talk about him in Game 3,” Kornheiser said. “He is just one of a handful of compelling figures” in the NFL, he added, putting Favre on a short list with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

The issue isn’t whether Brett Favre is a big story, or reporting on the larger picture in general, but rather Tony’s insistence on making EVERYTHING in the NFL about him. You can bring him up when Green Bay is playing, obviously when he’s playing for the Jets, but this past Monday night?!? Other than promoting the next week’s game, it just wasn’t necessary at all.

When the people in the booth are getting annoyed with you it’s time to change up your game, but it seems that Tony is stubborn enough to keep this up all season.

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