The news that LT perhaps took himself out of the game is about a day old, but news of his verbal was with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders is just hitting the airwaves. Early yesterday Sanders said that Tomlinson would be better off if he got offseason surgery and that’s the only way he could get a “pass” with him.

Tomlinson is obviously not happy about the former DB’s comments….

“He’s never been a running back and had a sprained MCL,” Tomlinson said. “You tell me what running back has played with a sprained MCL and been effective. You might go out there and try to limp around and play, but it’s not going to happen. I don’t know how information gets passed on, but until you talk to the source of the problem, what’s going on with me, I think it’s ridiculous when people make comments like that.”

Tomlinson said he understands that teams don’t like to let opponents know what’s going on, and that it might lead to players’ toughness being questioned.

“I think the funny thing to me is, all the things I’ve played with through my career and haven’t missed a game, now all of a sudden I’m not tough?” he said. “You think I just wanted to sit on the sideline and not go, in the championship game? You think, me? Come on, man, that’s ridiculous.”

The thing about this isn’t whether LT is tough (that’s just stupid), or the fact that the media wasn’t alerted. No it’s that those comments came from a man who once sang this song….

Yeah…that guy is telling people how to live their lives. I don’t think I ever even saw Deion make a tackle in the NFL. Sure he could defend like no other, but if someone actually caught the ball he wasn’t going to be hitting them.

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