(posted by One More Dying Quail)

Of all the great things Joe Morgan has said through the years, the one from the eighth inning of tonight’s Yankees-Mets game might be my favorite.

Picture it…David Wright on third, Moises Alou at the plate. Alou lifts a fly to right, Wright tags and scores, Joe suggests he might have left the base early…nothing out of the ordinary.

Until the replay shows that Wright did not leave early. Not even a little bit. And Joe decides that…

“His top half left quickly, but his foot stayed on the bag.”

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Thank you, Joe, for bestowing a fantastic new nickname upon the phenomenal talent that is David Wright. Young Mr. Wright, you are heretofore known to me as Elastic Man.

(And of course, Joe follows it up with his in the top of the ninth: “I’ve never seen a shortstop that couldn’t dance.” I’d like to see Cal Ripken, Jr. do the rumba.

Seriously, though, I will grant Joe this: when he says he likes to watch shortstops play the game because they are graceful, I believe him. I think that Joe genuinely enjoys watching the game of baseball, but has never figured out how to convey that love to viewers. When the feeling does come through, it seems to be an accident.)