I was actually watching this past Sunday night when Joe Morgan was talking about the netting that encompasses the outfield at Wrigley Field. He mentioned something about Ernie Banks depositing a plethora of homers there and even referred to it as “Ernie Banks Boulevard”. I didn’t pay much attention but lucky for us the checks and balances that’s the internet these days did. Here are multiple reactions from Cubs blogs regarding Dr. Morgan collected via Walkoff Walk….

Bleed Cubbie Blue: “There are many reasons virtually all of us criticize Joe Morgan’s “broadcasting” (the quotes are there for obvious reasons; he may be among the worst sports broadcasters in history). However, when he invents “facts” to back up his biases, I think he needs to be called on it and shown that doing this isn’t just wrong, it’s irresponsible. I speak here of his continued carping about the Wrigley Field outfield wall basket and his contention that Ernie Banks deposited “many” home runs into the basket.

Ernie Banks was nearing the end of his career when this basket was installed. I went through Ernie’s game logs. After April 26, 1970, he hit 8 home runs at Wrigley Field. Eight. The first one he hit after that was one I personally witnessed — his career #499, hit on May 9, 1970. That one didn’t go in the basket. Video exists of his 500th, hit three days after that, on May 12, 1970 — you’ve probably seen this video, and know that one didn’t go in the basket, either.

That leaves six others. It’s possible that all of them landed in the basket, but I doubt it. And even if that’s true, that’s six of 512 — a little over 1% of his career total, maybe 2% of all he hit at Wrigley. The basket was never, ever called “Banks Boulevard”, nor nicknamed after any other player.”

Cub Hub: “On Sunday night, he entertained the national TV audience with a fanciful, imaginary tale of how the basket on the top of the Wrigley outfield wall was called “Banks’ Boulevard” because Ernie hit so many of his home runs there. Wha??? I have never in all my years heard the term “Banks’ Boulevard” and seemingly from the callers and hosts on Chicago sports radio today, no one else has either.

In fact, the record will show that PK Wrigley installed the famous basket as a deterrent to Bleacher Bums who used to hang their legs over the wall to be tempted to jump down on the field. Furthermore, the basket was installed in 1970 – after our beloved Mr. Cub had already hit 497 of his 512 career home runs! What planet is Joe Morgan from anyway??”

Goat Riders Of The Apocalypse: “If he does a live chat on ESPN, go there and blast him. If he’s scheduled to call a game at your local ballpark, intentionally get bad seats near the press box, go with signs, and rip into him. It should come as no surprise to baseball fans that Morgan is a tool, and he’s always displayed a bias against the Cubs. So, screw him. Make his job hard.”

I know it’s frustrating Cubs fans, and I feel your pain, but you have to understand that this is just the way things are. Hell Joe scoffed at the mere mention of the term OPS that same game. I don’t know how else to say this to ESPN, but Joe Morgan is far and away the worst announcer to ever grace the airwaves. This of course means nothing though and we’re all going to be stuck with him for years to come. The guy will always ignore statistics and will always make stuff up because he thinks he’s untouchable.

Welcome to the club, Cubs Fans though….there’s room for all of you here.

Joe Morgan Besmirches Ernie Banks, Is Completely Wrong (Walkoff Walk)

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