Cris Carter hasn’t been making any friends in Dallas, and probably won’t be doing so anytime soon. The ESPN analyst was caught a week ago saying that a Cowboys’ Playoff run would be a “a discredit to team sports” and to “team unity”, but he added a final parting shot to T.O. on Mike and Mike this morning.

“If it was me, I’d get rid of T.O. T.O. got to go from the beginning. Right from the giddy up. I take one bullet and put it right in him. Bam!”- Cris Carter

Well then. I mean he’s right, but he didn’t have to say it quite so harshly if you ask me. Using the phrase “putting a bullet in someone” isn’t really going to go over well when you’re talking about the NFL. Especially in recent years.

(Thanks to DM for the tip)

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