I thought Cris Carter was a good hire for ESPN when they brought him on to replace Sean Salisbury, and while he hasn’t really disappointed, he’s certainly not doing much to improve his reputation. He verbally threatened Will Leitch a few months back and now he’s taken to flat out lying on-air.

The topic of Matt Millen’s firing came up on Sunday Countdown and when drilling the former Lions GM’s drafting downfalls, he had this to say….

“Matt Millen – do a little undercover work. (Mike) Williams and Charlie Rogers both worked out with me before the draft. I could have told him, don’t draft neither one of them. (He) never asked me.”- Cris Carter

Okay then. That’s kind of an egotistical way to go about discussing a topic, and I guess Carter’s opinion is well thought of in the Football community, but there’s one small problem. According to Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson, he actually WAS asked back in 2003 and 2005 by two separate newspapers, and he had a completely different view of the two receivers before they were drafted….

That’s interesting because here is what you said about both players just before they were drafted. Carter’s comments about Rogers, to the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel just before the 2003 draft: “He’s very similar – and I don’t like to make a lot of comparisons – to Randy (Moss) in a sense, a big basketball player playing wide receiver. He’s the only receiver that’s come out since Randy that you can make an honest comparison to. He has a yearning to learn.”

And Carter’s comments about Williams, to the St. Paul Pioneer Press just before the 2005 draft: “I think he’s going to be a great player. I think people will be surprised at the kind of person he is. He’s really a hard worker. He takes his training very seriously and wants to be very good.”

So much for consistency.

It’s one thing to forget a prediction or two as you go through the season, but something like this is pretty egregious mistake. I still find it funny that media members rarely go back and look up what they said when they spout off at the mouth like this. I’m no pro at the Internet, but it should be pretty easy to just Google “Cris Carter Mike Williams Draft”, if you can’t remember what you said 3 to 5 years ago.

Winners and losers (Yahoo Sports)

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