So Craig Sager was trying to pass along the story of Nuggets’ Coach George Karl making a video with Game One mistakes spliced with some other highlights. He referred to someone by the name of Kimbo Coles and streetfighting, and it left Marv Albert and Reggie Miller very confused. Craig came back on to clarify, but Marv was still lost…..

I’m so confused right now. Damn you Craig Sager… it’s not just your loud ass suits but your anecdotes as well!!! Why in the hell would you be thinking about Bimbo Coles in the first damn place? While Vernell was a great player he played for neither the Nuggets or the Lakers in his career.

Also, I’m also pretty sure if I had to choose between Bimbo or Kimbo after me I’d choose Coles. Call me crazy.

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