Real Clear Sports passes along the info that the midday talk radio show on DC’s WJFK, Big O and Dukes, scored an amazing interview with the Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas today. The guard was his usual awesome self, and talked about video games, the Wizards, criticism and the possibility of a reality show. Wait what?!?!

“Ya know, it’s funny. I got a — you ever seen the show, ‘Rob and Big?’ The producers want to do a reality show on me — the first NBA player to do a reality show. But then I thought about it — I was like, my life is really not that exciting.

“Ya know, so, I’m thinking about it, because, ya know, I have players like Nick [Young], who’s goofy, so we can do paintball shooting and see who can get hurt on the grotto jumping into the pool…”

This seriously needs to happen yesterday. I know Gil likes to think he’s a normal dude, but he really isn’t. I mean someone who builds a pool with a mountain, two grottoes and a freaking basement, just isn’t the same as me and you. I’m begging for whichever network is on this to make this reality show a reality.

Coming Soon: A Gilbert Arenas Reality Show? (Real Clear Sports)
The Big O And Dukes Show (WJFK)

(P.S.- For those of you out-of-towners, you definitely need to check out that radio show. In the past month or so, Big O and Dukes have interviewed Robert Duvall, Method Man and The Rza AND spent about an hour bashing Mike Greenberg. While those clips were amazing I suggest starting with Drab’s Most Embarrassing Moment. It’s both the funniest and most depressing story I’ve ever heard. It’s worth a listen and all the clips are up on ITunes.)