God, I really wanted to avoid this story, but there is seriously nothing else going on this afternoon. Tom Hoffarth of Farther off the Wall was listening to The Herd this morning when Cowherd went on a rant about how he wants to do a second show all about relationship talk. Seriously.

“You trust my opinions,” he said. “So I can just do a relationship show for women the same way. There’s gotta be a demo(graphic) for this.”

His idea is to get callers from a “cool” city like New York or L.A., from women who have intelligence and really want smart answers. ‘Cause that’s what he’ll give ’em.

He admits he’s no doctor, but has an ex-wife, a daughter and a lot of female friends. Plus, as a single guy in his 40s, he also has no agenda — very important for a male giving a female advice.

Meaning, he’s content being a single male in his 40s?

Cowherd then took a call from a female listener who supported his idea. So did another male caller. Soon, Cowherd’s female producer was pretending to be a caller to his “new” show, and asked a test question: “My husband doesn’t make me feel special. I need more attention from him.”

Cowherd’s immediate advice: “Give him a gun and tell him to shoot himself.”

Hoffarth said he was sort of joking at first, but as more callers chimed in, his ego grew to the point where it sounded like he was really considering it. He even tried to say that his current show is a “relationship based” program. I personally think it’s a great idea. In fact, just pack up your Sports Radio show and please disappear to somewhere I could never hear about you ever again. Some start a petition to make this happen.

Colin’s Love Connection (Farther Off The Wall)

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