There’s a ton of craziness going on in the world of Sports Media these days, but Sports Radio has to be going through the most turmoil. Mike and the Mad Dog are on the outs and now one of Chicago’s most popular personalities is done at his current job. The controversial Mike North is done with WSCR 670-AM….

“I am done now at the Score,” wrote North, who worked at the station for more than 16 years. “I met with management this past Friday and since I wouldn’t accept the deal they offered, they told me I wasn’t allowed on the air anymore.”

“I want to thank all the listeners and callers who not only laughed at me but with me,” he wrote on his Web site. “I heard from a lot of you over the years, and good or bad, I always welcomed your comments. To do radio in my hometown at such a great station was an honor. To all the people I used to work with and I work with now, I say thank you. To the advertisers on my show and on the station who were always with me thank you for being there.”

I personally couldn’t stand what I had heard from the guy and he was arguably very similar to Imus but in a smaller market and topic (Sports), but it’s still interesting to see him out of the job after 16 years. Also, the rumored pay cut is from well over $1 million to a paltry $700K.

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