It’s not often that you get someone who is open and honest with their personal lives, especially in the Sports World these days. Whether you like it or not, Charles Barkley is one of those people and here is his sitdown with Ernie Johnson before Game Seven tonight where he discussed his Gambling issues and his desire to quit…..

From what I’ve gathered on Charles is that this is a serious problem and I think his comparison to someone like an alcoholic, while it somewhat makes sense, still seems like he won’t entirely admit to having said problem. He gave this same speech to Trey Wingo in February of last year and there’s obviously still an issue. I’d never preach to anyone (lord knows I’m not the person to talk to when it comes to Gambling problems), but I hope Chuck works this out as it’s obviously a big enough deal to discuss it on-air.

(Via Real Clear Sports)

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