It’s been awhile since CBS had one of their MMA shows. The next one scheduled for October 4th, and will feature the return of Kimbo Slice to the network, but there’s now a bit of controversy. No….not that CBS wants to drop Elite XC for the UFC….that’s old news. It’s the fact that Gus Johnson might not be able to call the fight because of his NFL commitment to the network. Gasp!

Well MDS at Fanhouse talked to someone at CBS and the think they might have a solution. Just have him do both….

Johnson is a well respected broadcaster, and mixed martial arts fans were thrilled when he signed on to call the CBS EliteXC shows. But there’s been some hand-wringing among MMA fans over whether Johnson would be able to call Kimbo’s October 4 fight because Johnson also does NFL play-by-play, and it would make for tough scheduling to do an MMA show Saturday night and then a football game Sunday afternoon.

But Johnson might just give it a try. A source at CBS told me today that they’re hoping Johnson will be able to do the EliteXC show (which is in Hollywood, Florida), get to the hotel for a few hours of sleep and and then get up to work the Chargers-Dolphins game in Miami at 1 p.m. the next day.

That would be a rough weekend for Johnson, but I hope he does it. His enthusiasm is a treat to hear, in any sport.

I know that Gus is a company man, and while it would be an awesome weekend for Sports fans if he pulled this off, but that’s a lot of work with little to no sleep. Well come to think of it, with the schedule of games that CBS has him working on over the next few weeks, it probably wouldn’t really matter if he sleepwalked through a game….

Week #2- Buffalo at Jacksonville
Week #3- Kansas City at Atlanta

Gus Johnson Could Be Busy: Kimbo Slice One Day, LaDainian Tomlinson the Next (Fanhouse)

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