Bruce Pearl is obviously a very engaging person, and some might even go as far to say….a pimp. Well Bruce has taken that pimpness to a new level in an interview with SI’s Dan Patrick. From SbB via WBIR….

DP: [During the Memphis game], you can’t be putting your hands on Erin Andrews at halftime, Coach.
BP: Erin is a terrific sideline reporter, she knows the game, but she’s also very engaging. I actually called her and texted her back, and I apologized if in any way that was unprofessional.
DP: Is texting her an NCAA violation?
BP: No, she’s not a prospect.
DP: Oh, yes, she is.
BP: She’s way out of my league when it comes to that category.
DP: You’re not even a mid-major?
BP: Absolutely not. I’m D-II.
DP: When is the last time you accidentally broke an NCAA rule?
BP: Probably sometime in this conversation.

Well then! The fact that he has her cell number at the ready is pretty impressive, but to hit her up postgame takes it to an awesome new level.

Pearl’s A Pro: Hugs Erin Andrews, Then Texts Her (Sports by Brooks)
Vols Coach Pearl interviewed in Sports Illustrated (WBIR)

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