Brian Kenny is dropping these little debates on people almost nightly now and I couldn’t be more pleased. First it was Chad Johnson, then Steve Phillips, and now it’s John Kruk’s turn on the hot seat. Tonight’s discussion is of 9-year old pitcher Jericho Scott and the real fun gets underway at about the one minute mark….

The best part of that edition of Sports Center was that Kenny and Jay Harris kept the debate going all the way to the end. And while I’m definitely with the Kruk side of the argument, there should be nothing in the rule book that says Kenny couldn’t or shouldn’t question the analysts who come on. These little tiffs/debates are about 10x more intelligent than anything that’s ever been on ATH, and I usually learn something from them. Like tonight for example, who knew Kruk was once a little league coach? Good stuff if you ask me.

However, Kenny might want to give a bit of warning and he might not want to do try it on Kruk again….he looked a bit