Everyone remembers Brian Collins right? He who provided the world with perhaps the biggest on-air trainwreck in the history of televised news? “Boom Goes The Dynamite”? Okay good. Well Collins has actually recovered from his on-air breakdown and found employment in Waco, Texas. He is working at local station KXXV as a reporter and it seems like he’s doing well with his life.

Now I know what you’re saying. Why didn’t AA report on this yesterday when everyone else had it? Well folks, that’s because I wanted KXXV to post some video of Brian’s work at the station. Here’s his report on teachers carrying handguns in schools!

I missed you greatly Brian. It’s good to see that you’ve worked on your recoveries, but still have that stammering flow that endeared you to millions across the country. It’s good to have you back and we’ll be watching!

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