It’s been well documented here that Brent Musburger is slowly losing his mind and it wasn’t more evident than last night. I was blown away at how glowing Musburger spoke about Indiana Coach Kelvin Sampson. He almost demanded that the Coach not be fired.

MDS at Fanhouse pulled one of these moments last night and it’s pretty evident that either Musburger doesn’t think Sampson committed the violations or he shouldn’t be punished….

It doesn’t stop there though. Check out Brent’s Rumor Mill…..

Yes folks….you heard it from Brent first! The Wizards are planning to trade Caron Butler. Not just to any team, but back to the one they got him from!!! Do you think that they can get Kwame Brown in the deal? The Washington Post has to be pissed that Musburger broke this story and they didn’t.

ESPN’s Brent Musberger Hopes Indiana Does Not Fire Kelvin Sampson (Fanhouse)