Well that was quick wasn’t it? I really thought this was going to drag out for at least a week, but Jay Glazer is breaking the news (well he is a co-worker, so not exactly “breaking”) that Strahan will NOT be returning to the Giants next season. The retired defensive end has decided to stay retired and will continue his role with FOX as planned. Via Fox Sports….

The recently retired perennial Pro Bowler told FOXSports.com exclusively that he has decided to remain retired and has turned down the Giants’ offer to lure him back to action.

“This has been one of the toughest nights of my life,” Strahan said from Greece. “But after long deliberation and throwing around a million scenarios in my head for the past day, I think it’s just best if I stay retired.”

“I have gone back and forth on this because as a player you’ll always want to play, you’ll never lose that urge to be out there. But I could only do this if I could commit 100 percent, physically, mentally, emotionally and I can’t do that. I’ve tried to convince myself and my body to give it one more year, but in the end I just don’t think I could turn it on like I need to again.”

“I really love my life now,” he said. “It’s great having nobody put a finger on me. You really put yourself through an awful lot in this league, more than people realize.

“I’ve got a great home at FOX now and I think it’s where I belong. I wish I could’ve had different news for Giants fans but I’ve known for a while I’m done.”

Strahan was also quoted in the article as saying that the money was right, but that he didn’t want to put his body through the rigors of another season. While this is bad news for Giants fans, it’s certainly good news for this site. After Emmitt Smith and Tony Kornheiser, I think Strahan is going to be one of the biggest soundbytes this entire season. I’m looking forward to it.

Strahan turns down Giants, will stay retired (FOX Sports)