Have you ever wondered how much time Sports Center devotes to each sport in a month? Of course you have. Well have I got a study for you! Sports Business Daily took the time to watch every clip of the 11pm edition for the month of November and here are the results.

Boxing- 0:00:25
Etc- 1:19:32
MLB- 1:35:23
MLS- 0:02:28
MMA- 0:00:00
NASCAR- 0:47:13
NBA- 3:46:36
NCAA Basketball- 1:53:13
NCAA Football- 4:38:22
NCAA Women’s Basketball- 0:05:15
NCAA Other Sports- 0:00:00
NFL- 10:40:46
NHL- 0:32:58
Olympics- 0:00:53
Tennis- 0:01:46
WNBA- 0:00:00

Obviously football was going to dominate, but it actually seems like they DO cover Hockey. I never would have guessed. 32 minutes compared to almost 2 hours of College Basketball is probably similar to local coverage and other highlight shows around the Country.

Also, 11 hours of Football coverage! That’s just amazing.

(Via Sports Business Daily)