Like it or not folks the National Championship is upon us. I hope you’re on-board for a great night of Football, and I welcome any and all to the comment section. I’m going to make this a little bit of both an open thread and live-blog because I think it’s more fun that way. You already know who has the ball and where.

Ohio State fans….good luck. Contrary to popular belief I don’t hate you….I think you are some of the best and passionate fans in the Country. I hope we can all get along tonight, laugh at FOX, and drink to some band shots…..Cheers! See you at around 7:30pm or so.

#2 LSU vs. #1 OSU
The BCS National Championship
8:00 PM ET, January 7, 2008
Superdome , New Orleans , LA

Weather: Dome
Spread: LSU -4, O/U 47
AA’s Pick: A tough one to end the Season here. I’m praying this thing drops to -3.5 so you can buy the half, but if not I’d tease it. If you don’t know what a tease is then just take LSU -4 (Record 17-10-2).
Announcers: Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis (FOX)

Team Leaders

LSU Passing: Flynn- 55.1%, 2233 Yards, 17 TDs, 10 INTs
Ohio State Passing: Boeckman- 64.5%, 2171 Yards, 23 TDs, 12 INTs

LSU Rushing: Hester- 204 Carries, 1017 Yards, 5.0 avg, 11 TDs
Ohio State Rushing: Wells- 254 Carries, 1463 Yards, 5.8 avg, 14 TDs

LSU Receiving: LaFell- 48 Catches, 641 Yards, 13.4 avg, 3 TDs
Ohio State Receiving: Robiskie- 50 Catches, 885 Yards, 17.7 avg, 10 TDs

ESPN seems to be pretty high on Todd Blackledge (and rightfully so) after this Season. He’s been on all the preview shows leading up to the big game and he’s now on set with Chris, Lee, and Kirk for Gameday.

I’m liking the little swoop that Corso has his going on with his hair. Cute.

Corso just said he wouldnt be shocked to see dorsey “pull a hamstring” (dramatic air quotes are hard to express here) early in the game so that he doesnt get hurt and impact his draft status. (Via Mike)

Yeah I heard that. Makes zero sense. Eddie George is on the coverage again. Didn’t know that.

Oh and BTW, I completely hope to lose another YouTube account tonight so prepare thyself for many videos.

Desmond says he looks at 3 phases when he looks at special teams: “The guys who kick the ball, the guys who return the kick, and then the coverage unit.” Isn’t that ALL the phases? (Via joepadon)

Ha…I listened to that and didn’t even catch that, and those aren’t really even “phases”. Wouldn’t phases be kicking, blocking, and running? Hey the LSU Band! Drink!!!


Desmond Howard- LSU
Todd Blackledge- Ohio State
Chris Fowler- LSU
Kirk Herbstreit- LSU………psych, OSU
Lee Corso- OSU

Where did all this love for OSU come from all of a sudden? When the game was announced didn’t everyone love LSU? (Via Smitty Lite)

I have no idea. I got $5 that says everyone on FOX is on LSU. How I’ve heard of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band before, but they are no Bonerama. Annnnnd the FOX team makes no picks whatsoever.

When did John Waters start singing national anthems? (Via Anon)

Winner! That’s too funny.

“Trindon Holliday, a smurf and he can fly!”- Jimmy Johnson

VIDEO #1- Chris Rose is a dick and Jimmy Johnson probably just earned Urban Meyer an NCAA violation….

Ah yes, the aerial coverage of a dome game…a classic (Via Matthew)

I also agree with the lights outside….entirely necessary.

“See in College as soon as the player breaks the plane of the endzone that’s it.”- Charles Davis

Umm right? Because that’s different in the Pros how???

“I’m surprised Ohio State isn’t going with a more huddle up offense here.”- Thom Brennaman

About 3 minutes after everyone mentioned it in the comments.

“That’s the the theme music from the old TV show Terry and The Pirates. Paul Ditzel pulled his defense….the defense name he had were the Chinese bandits.”- Charles Davis

What the f**k is he talking about?!?!?!?!

“It’s going to be close it depends where the foot went down on the spot.”- Charles Davis
“It’s going to depend on the spot.”- Thom Brennaman

Thanks for that guys. Great job tonight.

Final 38-24 and Thom Brennaman tries to bring up Katrina at the end. Good shit Thom….good shit. Wait the whole game.

Thanks to everyone for breaking the commenting record set the other night for the Orange Bowl. Amazing! More videos and nonsense to come…..Congrats to the first “2 Loss” BCS Champions LSU! (I had to be the first to say it…come on)

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