So Carolina pulled off one of the first great upsets of the NFL Season yesterday at the buzzer with a heck of a pass from Delhomme to TE Dante Rosario. FOX decided to go to the game with about a minute left and Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger absolutely murdered the call of final few moments of the game.

Well, that’s besides the point because the FOX production truck did something so hilarious following the game that I couldn’t stop laughing. First here’s the call of the final play (I have no idea what Baldinger is laughing at) but make sure you stick around for the UPS Players of the Game at the end of the vid….

Yes, you’re seeing and hearing that right. The third player down is actress Rosario Dawson of “Clerks 2”, “He Got Game” and “Sin City” fame! That’s right, the tight end for your Carolina Panthers was actually an actress in the movie version of “Rent”!!! It’s bad enough that Dick Stockton can’t get things right on his own, now the FOX graphics department is throwing him curveballs like this? Too funny.

(Many thanks to reader Sean for the tip.)

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