Brewer’s radio announcer and actor Bob Uecker’s yacht struck by a freighter while docked near Milwaukee yesterday. Before you start freaking out Bob wasn’t on board, and neither was anyone else, so no one got hurt (which is good). Still, the boat took on some serious damage….

Actor and Milwaukee Brewers radio announcer Bob Uecker will need to get himself a new boat as his yacht was damaged when it was hit by a 550-foot freighter on Tuesday.

The freighter crashed into the yacht while it was docked near Milwaukee, causing thousands of dollars in damage, WISC-TV reported.

Uecker was supposed to use the boat in his charity fishing tournament on Thursday and a local boat dealer has loaned him another boat for the event.

There’s no report yet on the speedo that Bob will wear for the charity event but I hoping for the leopard print. Also, 550 foot freighter?! How is that thing still floating? I’m picturing Rodney Dangerfield plowing into Judge Smails little wooden boat, but I know nothing about yachts (obviously), so I could be completely off base with the reenactment in my head.

Freighter Crashes Into Uecker’s Yacht Near Milwaukee (

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