Everyone knows that Bob Costas said he hated blogs, got hammered on the web, and then he recanted and said that he didn’t hate all blogs. It was all very convenient if you ask me and ultimately sad when someone you once liked all of a sudden seems old and out of touch. But that’s just one man’s opinion (one that doesn’t buy Costas’ “apology).

Anywho, HBO’s Costas Now is coming back with a live show in late April and look what they’re going to be talking about!

“On April 29 we’re going to take stock of the sports media landscape,” said HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg in a statement. “For example, the rise of Internet bloggers and sports talk radio are topics you cannot ignore. What is their impact on sports and how news gets reported? We look forward to a comprehensive and opinionated evening of discussion.”

According to Fanhouse’s MDS, Deadspin’s Will Leitch will make an appearance on the show. That should be fun.

‘Costas Now’ Returns To HBO With Live Telecast (Multichannel)

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