The day after the MLB All Star is a dreaded day for mainstream media and bloggers alike. There is not a damn thing going on and I think last year I did an entire day of create the captions (not true, but not a bad idea).

Well this year on that day we get a special treat. On the heels of his “State of Sports Media” town hall success, Bob Costas will host a “State of Baseball” one on Wednesday, July 16th on HBO. Via the Orlando Sentinel….

HBO’s Costas Now will address the state of baseball in a 1 1/2 -hour show live from New York University at 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Coming off April’s successful town hall meeting on the state of the media, there’s great buzz surrounding this show.

HBO Sports spokesman Kevin Flaherty said host Bob Costas will be joined by former major-leaguers such as Dave Winfield, Jim Palmer and Frank Robinson as well as journalists and historians to discuss four issues.

Those four issues will be: the criteria to get into the Hall of Fame, the 2008 season, the “Greatest Generation” and the state of the game in general. It probably won’t have the same fervor as the Sports Media one, but I really enjoyed the format last go around, and on the slowest news day of the year….it’s probably a must watch.

Bob Costas turns focus to state of MLB (Orlando Sentinel)

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