This is a few days old but I wanted to share with you this story of credentials. A story of determination and ultimately failure. There’s a really good Pats Blog by the name of Pats Pulpit that has chronicled a year of trying to get credentials for various New England games throughout the year. In a record year of handing out press credentials for a Super Bowl blogs are still persona non grata in the world of Sports…

I’ve seen Super Bowl Media Day in the past, and I saw highlights from this morning’s sessions. I’m fairly certain they guy dressed as a swami and the Spanish reporter in a wedding dress — among a huge collection of others — do not cover any team on a regular basis. Every “traditional” media outlet in the world mocks the ridiculousness of Media Day and the collection of idiots that are there asking moronic questions.

And let’s be honest, there are dozens of huge events that provide bloggers with media credentials — everything from political debates and conventions to Hollywood award galas.

It’s a shame really. But the blogosphere, populated with proprietors who believe that free speech means saying anything at any time with or without cause or reason — or ethics, or decorum — is it’s own worst enemy, and the teams and the league have found an easy excuse to impose a webwide blackout.

The thing that blows my mind about all of this is how every other sect of blogs are accepted worldwide. Entertainment, Politics, and Technology blogs are granted access to any conference, release, or movie premier but Sports remains in the Stone Age as far as credentials are concerned. I probably don’t really deserve credentials, but a blog that covers say the Washington Capitals deserve access to the NHL Finals over a hometown paper that barely mentions them all season.

Bloggers Blacked Out by NFL (Pats Pulpit)