If you really need any more proof of the parity invading the college football landscape being a more permanent thing rather than a one-year aberration, please see the results from this week, where three of the top five teams got knocked off their perches today.

Texas knocks off Oklahoma, 45-35: The Red River Shootout (I’m not calling it the Rivalry) lived up to the billing: Sam Bradford led Oklahoma into position early with the hurry-up offense, but he threw a couple picks, and Colt McCoy led the parade as Texas locked it down with a great fourth quarter, particularly Chris Ogbonnaya, who broke off a 60-yard run on his way to 127 yards on the day.

Oklahoma State takes Mizzou down: Who knew the Cowboys had a defense? We were expecting a shootout in the range of both teams scoring in the 40s, but what we wound up was a 28-23 final score in which the Cowboys’ D threw Chase Daniel’s rhythm off at crucial points with its ferocity, forcing him into three picks on the day, two of them late and on crucial drives. You may turn in your Heisman candidate card here, sir.

The Swamp engulfs LSU: Les Miles’ crew looked kind of listless going into Gainesville, and the Gators made them pay for it. Tim Tebow hit Percy Harvin early and often, and got assistance on the ground from both Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey. LSU made it close by getting to 20-14 in the third, but the Gators picked Jarrett Lee a couple times and held the LSU rushing game to not much. Final score: 51-21.

Other games of note:

  • If you missed the Nebraska-Texas Tech tilt and it was on your Fox Sports stations, shame on you. It wasn’t a runaway, as Nebraska showed some offensive firepower behind Joe Ganz and took the Red Raiders to overtime. Tech scored first and then picked off Ganz to end it.
  • Penn State destroys Wisconsin at Camp Randall, going exponential on the Badgers by a score of 49-7. Wisky, originally a dark horse favorite in Big Televen circles, is 0-3 in the conference while the Nittany Lions will likely be at 3 or 4 in the AP poll come Monday.
  • UNC stops all that talk about Notre Dame being in top 25 polls, using their third-string QB in Cam Sexton, one wideout, and a ferocious D that got turnovers even as the Irish topped the Tar Heels in yardage.
  • Ohio State beat Purdue without scoring an offensive touchdown, which doesn’t bode well for future games.
  • This Day In Schadenfreude: Watching Michigan lose to a MAC team for the first time via a missed field goal at the last second. Toledo is now a 2-4 MAC team. Obviously, it looks bad for Rich Rodriguez, as no one on that team seems able to run his system.
  • USC shuts out Arizona State 28-0, thus sending ASU further down the abyss and equally frustrating fans still dealing with the fact that this is a team that lost to Oregon State again. (It doesn’t help that the Pac-10 continues to be a sea of mediocrity; please see Arizona losing to Stanford to prove the point.)
  • I guess firing Tony Franklin wasn’t the solution Tommy Tuberville had hoped for. Arkansas held on 25-22 over Auburn, thanks to the Tigers’ crapulent offense and dual-quarterback system throwing three picks and completing fewer than half of its passes.
  • Georgia takes care of the Vols 26-14, but if there’s any encouragement for beleaguered Tennessee fans, it’s that Nick Stephens looks a damn sight better at QB than Jonathan Crompton ever did. His 207 yards and 2 TDs were good, but it would have helped if Tennessee could have established a running game — they had a sorry 1 yard of rushing on the day thanks to Georgia’s D.
  • The Nerd Alert returns to semi-normal in the sport: Vanderbilt got Croomed by Mississippi State, as the Bulldogs held the Commodores to not much more than 100 yards of total offense. Michigan State rammed Javon Ringer down Northwestern’s collective gullet in Evanston to hand them their first loss.