I get a kick out of MSMers fighting with each other but the ESPN fights between their own employees is getting a little weird. Reilly went on record yesterday during a .Com chat and said he enjoyed Simmons’ work and was glad to be on his team. Simmons? He had this to say on WEEI yesterday. From Scott’s Shots via Deadspin….

“I don’t even care about the money (he’s making). I care about the fact he only has to write 800 words all week. What does he do all week? I’m just getting warmed up at 800 words.”

“I don’t think (his hiring) has really changed my life in any way other than he touches my soul with his writing. That’s really it. He’s raising the bar morally, financially. . . he’s raising it all over the place. I’m just happy to be along for the ride.”

Wow. That’s a pretty low blow, but Simmons has been writing some pretty good columns as of late with this venom. It’ll be interesting to see if ESPN protects its $17 Million dollar investment or just ignores it per usual. I’m also pretty sure The Sports Guy is openly trying to get fired these days. Good times.

ESPN Cat Fight!: Simmons Bashes Reilly (Scott’s Shots)