Last week was a monumental one for Bill Simmons in regards to the NBA. Not only did Simmons completely depress me with a great look into how the NBA can save the Sonics (they can’t), but he openly campaigned to be the new GM for the Milwaukee Bucks….

Finally, unlike nearly every other GM, I wouldn’t be afraid to take chances because I could always go back to ESPN if I got canned. Don’t kid yourself: TNT’s security blanket enabled Steve Kerr to take a chance on Shaq. Throw in my inevitable behind-the-scenes book about being an NBA GM, and really, there’s no way you can lose. I’ll run the Bucks; you’ll live vicariously through me. And if I have to gain 40 pounds to fit in, so be it. I’ll start eating sausages and drinking dark beer right now.

Besides, do you really think someone can save the Bucks in any conventional way? Puh-leeeze. It’s time for a change, Milwaukee. Your hoops team hasn’t mattered in 20 years. You haven’t cared this entire decade. You need a fresh voice. You need passion. You need me. So vote Simmons in 2008.

I think the best part about the NBA is how most owners still think that ex-players and basketball guys will do the best to rebuild their teams. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Guys like Bryan Colangelo and Sam Presti are thriving while the Isiah Thomases of the world are slowly ruining franchises. I can’t think of anyone that would try harder at a job, and knows more about the NBA, but do you think any GM would even try a trade with Simmons? You know the Clippers, Knicks (not that you’d want a player from that team), and Timberwolves wouldn’t trade with him.

Could this work? Milwaukeeans seem to think so….

Dale in Milwaukee joked, “The last media guy to get a GM job in the Midwest was Matt Millen. What’s the worst that could happen?”

I don’t think that was a joke Bill.

Me as GM of the Bucks? A good—no, a GREAT—idea. (ESPN)

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