I’ve mentioned a few times in radio appearances and on this site about the phenomenon that is the “FOB”….Friends of Bob. The basic concept is that Bob Costas will have goto individuals when talking in-studio about certain Olympic Sports. When that individual’s Sport is to be discussed, Bob will invite him/her onto the set to chat about the intricacies he’s not aware of. It’s not a bad idea and should play out like every Costas Now segment you’ve seen. We know that Cris Collinsworth and ex-Gymnastics Coach Bela Karolyi are on the list, and the rest will be revealed in the coming days.

So what does this mean to you? Well in conjunction with Dan from On The DL, we’ve (let’s be honest, he did all the work) come up with a t-shirt that would officially make you a “Friend of Bob” just in time for the Olympics! Not only that but you can make your computer AND your dog an FOB as well.

Now some of you may ask, how the heck can you get away with this? The simple answer….we can’t. The shirts are likely to be taken down rather quickly (probably by Lucasfilm Inc. because young Costas looks like Luke Skywalker), but then it will skyrocket in value because of its rareness (much like a No Name Frank Thomas Topps Rookie Card). It’s an investment really. So grab your precious velcro wallet out of your pocket, follow the links and pick one up before they’re gonnnnnnnnnnne…..

Friends Of Bob Merchandise (Cafe Press)
Your NBC Olympic Announcers (Awful Announcing)

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