Every single year there seems to be a church that has it’s Super Bowl party canceled by the NFL because it violates some sort of Double Secret Probation rule. Well when reading through this Slate article I found that many of us could be in violation of similar rules…..

NFL officials say the church would have broken the law by charging an admission fee and by screening the game on a TV that exceeds 55 inches. On Thursday, Slate’s Josh Levin promised to host a Super Bowl party with his new, gigantic television. Will he get in trouble, too?

No. The 55-inch limit cited by the NFL applies only to public showings of the Super Bowl, not private gatherings. According to U.S. copyright law, Josh is in the clear so long as he doesn’t take his gigantic TV to a public place, or invite “a substantial number of persons” to his house—more than a normal circle of family and social acquaintances.

What exactly is a substantial number of persons? 10? 50? 100??? What if I knew 25 people at the party but five were not from my “normal circle”? This is all too scary.

How am I even going to be able to enjoy the game with all of this on my mind? Damn you NFL!

Is My Super Bowl Party Illegal? (Slate)

(P.S.- Yes….that is my parent’s basement)