I cannot thank reader Ben M. enough for sending me clip after clip from Mike and the Mad Dog’s call of the Georgetown-Villanova game yesterday. This is by far the most hilarious collection of clips I have ever put together. Enjoy!


Just amazing. The trainwreck quotient before this game was probably set at a solid 8 out of 10, but they surpassed that a million times over. Good times.

My Personal Favorites:

“Another three by Wallace, that’s his first” (Umm okay?)
“Villanova down by nine has the pumpkin” (I will not make fun of this one…Pumpkin is now the ball’s official name)
“Always in the top of the country, Field Goals, defensive defense.” (Pass)
“It’s a 30, so we won’t go anywhere. Thank you there my pal.”
“Now this game is a 40-37 start.” (I think that was in the 2nd half)
“That was offensive pass inter…offensive goal tending.” (Pass)
“West Virginia to follow in the afternoon night cap.” (Afternoon Night Cap?)
“Hibbert can’t even believe it, he’s shaking his heads.” (He’s like a Hydra really)
“Let’s be honest this game’s over. This isn’t TV so we’re not going to try and keep you watching.” (Honesty is always the best policy)
“He’s got Doc Rivers, John Thomspon Senior, and Ewing.” (What?)

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