I know that in all likely hood that these babies are going to be flying off the shelves after February 3rd, but here’s the best part about this fabulous 19-0 t-shirt…..you can purchase it in time for the Super Bowl!

19-0.org has produced unique t-shirts to commemorate the National Champions of Professional Football. These t-shirts are Premium Quality Hanes and Fruit of the Loom 50/50 Heavyweight 5.4 oz. T-Shirts (50% cotton helps reduce skrinkage). We have built this site to allow you the opportunity to voice your opinion about your favorite team in New England. They sure do give a new meaning to “patriots”. Get your 19-0 supporting t-shirt now and wear it with pride. Show everyone that you are a “patriot” too!

Just think how awesome it would be to show your friends how much of a fan you are with this thing! I mean Giants Fans will love you for your honesty (they knew they didn’t have a shot anyway) and Pats fans will love you for NOT jinxing their team.

If only it came in pink….
No way! And it looks like I could wear it as a nightgown too. That’s the balls. I’m so buying one of these and praying for a Giants win.

19-0 Shirts, Wear It When It Happens (19-0.org)