People trashed (myself included) the new American Gladiators unmercifully when it debuted earlier this month. The personalities are way over the top (see: Wolf), Hulk Hogan doesn’t make sense, etc. etc. Even though there are now claims of it being rigged like wrestling the show continues pull good ratings and according to Variety via SbB it has been greenlit for another season…..

After just two original broadcasts, NBC has decided to order up another season of its “American Gladiators” revival.

New take on “Gladiators” bowed to the highest ratings of any new series this season, scripted or unscripted. It averaged a 5.9/14 among adults 18-49, and 12 million viewers overall. Skein’s premiere in its regular Monday night slot last week also did very well.

Peacock isn’t saying how many extra episodes of “Gladiator” it’s ordered, or when the second season of the show will air. First season is slated to wrap in mid-February.

I have to admit that even though the show is ridiculous I caught myself watching almost an entire episode last night. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Fury (above) is definitely a man. I’m just saying.

NBC Re-Ups American Gladiators For 2nd Season (Sports by Brooks)
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