Predictions are always fun right? You say something ridiculous and no one ever calls you out on it. Like when I said the 9ers were going to make the playoffs. Well ESPN has gathered some of it’s finest for their Super Bowl predictions and there are some hilarious ones in there.

Let’s take a look shall we?

Jeffri Chadiha: Giants, 24-23
John Clayton: Patriots, 38-24
Matt Mosley: Patriots, 31-17
Len Pasquarelli: Patriots, 31-20
Mike Sando: Patriots, 30-20
Greg Garber: Patriots 38-21
Gregg Easterbrook: Giants 20-19
Jemele Hill: Patriots, 38-31
Bill Simmons: Patriots: 42-17

….and my personal favorite….

Wright Thompson: Giants 35-3 (Note to all those who think I’ve lost my mind: This.Is.A.Joke.)

Ah good times. There’s a bunch of editors and other folks I’ve never heard of, but there’s nothing like Bill Simmons giving the other team a chance.

What’s my prediction you ask? Umm….34-14 Pats….Sorry but I’m with Bill on this one. Anyone think differently???

(P.S.- It’s nice to see Planters’ sponsorship dollars going to the most worthwhile reports on