I let you know which teams were playing which a few months back, so I figured I’d give you the times and locations so you can start planning your month of December now.

Mon., Dec. 1

Wisconsin at Virginia Tech (ESPN2, 7pm)

Tue., Dec. 2

Ohio State at Miami (ESPN, 7pm)
Iowa at Boston College (ESPNU, 7pm)
Clemson at Illinois (ESPN2, 7:30pm)
Duke at Purdue (ESPN, 9pm)
Virginia at Minnesota (ESPN2, 9:30pm)

Wed., Dec. 3

Indiana at Wake Forest (ESPN, 7:15pm)
Penn State at Georgia Tech (ESPN2, 7:30pm)
Michigan at Maryland (ESPNU, 7:30pm)
North Carolina vs. Michigan State (ESPN, 9:15pm)
Florida State at Northwestern (ESPN2, 9:30pm)

The UNC-State game again is going to be at Ford Field so that’s pretty neat, but other than that I’m not really excited by any of these matchups. We’ll see what ESPN does with them, but the final standings really screwed them this year.

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