Hey why not right? Thursday is one of my favorite days of the year and there isn’t much going on today outside of a bunch of apologies. Below is my attempt at a Mock Draft but before I get into it here are a few thoughts….

Thought #1: I don’t know why, but this draft looks even weaker than the Kwame Brown Draft. If I was picking past spot seven or eight I would just put the names on a dart board and fire randomly.

Thought #2: Most Drafts are heavy on guards but there are about 40 Glen Davis’ just sitting at the end of the first/beginning of the second. After the Top Ten there isn’t a good NBA point guard out there.

Thought #3: Candidates who could slip: Gallinari, Darrel Arthur, Roy Hibbert and any foreigner that Chad Ford puts in the first round.

Alrighty, now that we’ve got that out of the way….here’s how I see it going down…..

2008 Mock Draft:

1. Bulls- Derrick Rose, PG (Memphis)
2. Heat- Michael Beasley, F (Kansas State)
3. Wolves- OJ Mayo, PG/SG (USC)
4. Sonics- Jerryd Bayless, PG/SG (Arizona)
5. Grizzlies- Kevin Love, PF/C (UCLA)
6. Knicks- Eric Gordon, SG (Indiana)
7. Clippers- Russell Westbrook, PG/SG (UCLA)
8. Bucks- Joe Alexander, SF/PF (West Virginia)
9. Bobcats- Brook Lopez, C (Stanford)
10. Nets- Danilo Gallinari, SF (Italy)
11. Pacers- D.J. Augustin, PG (Texas)
12. Kings- Anthony Randolph, SF/PF (LSU)
13. Blazers- Mario Chalmers, PG (Kansas)
14. Warriors- Alexis Ajinca, PF/C (France)
15. Suns- Brandon Rush, SG (Kansas)
16. 76ers- DeAndre Jordan, C (Texas A&M)
17. Raptors- Kosta Koufas, C (Ohio State)
18. Wizards- JJ Hickson, PF (NC State)
19. Cavaliers- Robin Lopez, C (Stanford)
20. Nuggets- Mareesse Speights, C (Florida)
21. Nets- Darrel Arthur, PF (Kansas)
22. Magic- Donte Greene, SF/PF (Syracuse)
23. Jazz- JaVale McGee, PF (Nevada)
24. Sonics- Roy Hibbert, C (Georgetown)
25. Rockets- Chris Douglas-Robers, SG (Memphis)
26. Spurs- Ante Tomic, C (Croatia)
27. Hornets- Courtney Lee, SG (Western Kentucky)
28. Grizzlies- DJ White, PF (Indiana)
29. Pistons- Jason Thompson, PF (Rider)
30. Celtics- Jamont Gordon, SG (Mississippi State)

Feel free to agree/disagree and/or provide your own mock in the comments.