This is a really odd story but apparently it’s very true. Republican Presidential nominee John McCain wants to talk to Sports blogs. Seriously….

Those who follow blogging said the McCain campaign will have to pick and choose whom to invite to conference calls, arguing that some sites won’t treat Mr. McCain fairly.

“I don’t think the people at DailyKos are going to treat John McCain mercifully, but I think the fact that people get their question heard makes them dial it back a bit,” said Soren Dayton, a blogger who worked briefly for the McCain campaign and now works at a public affairs company, New Media Strategies.

Going forward, Mr. Hynes said, the campaign would like to have Mr. McCain talk to sports bloggers, too, as a way to “humanize John McCain as something other than a carbon-copy politician running for office, delivering talking points.”

I would consider interview the guy, but remembering other forays into the realm of Politics on the site might make me reconsider that. Maybe McCain has some insight into why everyone knew the Shaq trade wasn’t going to work in Phoenix, but the Suns did it anyway. Or perhaps we could entice him to play Barack Obama in a game of one on one?

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