There’s obviously no love lost between Terrell Owens and ESPN, which isn’t a surprise that he had something to say about the duo Emmitt Smith and Keyshawn Johnson, but it is interesting that Tampa Bay wideout Antonio Bryant does. The two went on similar rants today, with the likes of Emmitt Smith, Keyshawn Johnson and Trent Dilfer being called out by the pair.

Keyshawn’s was in more of a jovial manner than anything else as he poked fun at Emmitt and Keyshawn by saying they need their own show called, “Dumb and Dumber”. However, Antonio Bryant really seemed to take offense to being referred to by both Smith and Dilfer as a player with, “off the field baggage.” Here are the two quotes from the Dallas Morning News and St. Petersburg Times, respectively….

T.O. (Dallas Morning News): “Those two need their own show – Dumb and Dumber,” said T.O., who was otherwise jolly while sporting a Cowboys-customized Santa cap and blinking red nose.

T.O. called Emmitt a hypocrite for publicly calling the Cowboys a bunch of individual, then leaving a message on Greg Ellis’ cell phone to pass onto the team. (T.O. wouldn’t say what the message was.) T.O. also pointed out that Emmitt doesn’t even know the name of the rookie running back who starred against the Steelers, since No. 22 apparently referred to Tashard Choice as Rashard.

As for Keyshawn, T.O. pointed out for the 1,348th time that the Cowboys gave Keyshawn a pink slip so they could sign him.

“Obviously, this guy is still really jealous of me,” T.O. said, “because I’m here and this guy is in the booth talking about me and the Cowboys.”

Antonio Bryant (Tampa Tribune): “I’m still trying to figure out what all this baggage is I’m supposed to have,” Bryant said. “I’m being serious. I’m a real person and that bull—- Emmitt said on the TV about ‘get my life right,’ Trent Dilfer mentioned something about getting my life right outside of football. Last time I checked, man, don’t be a hypocrite, man. This is me. A lot of y’all can’t really walk on the same side of the street I can walk on and still go put on a suit. I can put on a suit just like you and get on TV and talk just like you. But I can still go home and still be me. So remember that, before you disrespect me like that on TV. I never said nothing bad about anybody out here, man, but just don’t disrespect me like that. That’s real. I’m out here, I’m a hard worker. I’ve always been a hard worker. So don’t take that away from me, man, and just let me play football. If you’ve got something to say to me, say it…that’s to Emmitt and Trent Dilfer. I really man that. That bothers me, man.’

Well then. I know receivers are divas, and that Emmitt and Key aren’t always the greatest analysts (I rather enjoy Dilfer), but what ever happened to having “thick skin”? This isn’t the first time someone has mentioned that Bryant has/had off-the-field problem, so I’m thinking this has something to do with the ex-player side of things. Like they’re breaking some sort of code. Bryant did say he spoke with Emmitt, but still seems upset after admitting that the ex-NFLer, “went back and starting talking about how I got in trouble because of my mouth.”

T.O. takes aim at ESPN’s ex-Cowboys (Dallas Morning News)
Bryant: ESPN’s Smith, Dilfer ‘disrespected me’ (St. Petersburg Times)

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