I think ESPN really lucked out by not being allowed to get video and content right away, and thus their decision to send just six souls overseas will turn out to be a good one. They still have a good bit planned are here is a general idea of what they’ll be offering come 8-8-08….

SportsCenter: Every SportsCenter, including the 9 a.m.-3 p.m. live, daily editions debuting Monday, Aug. 11, will feature live and taped Olympics coverage, including hourly updates in the SportsCenter Right Now segments. Reporters Jeremy Schaap and George Smith will file daily reports from Beijing.

Bottom Line: The “Bottom Line” will increase its overnight staffing to ensure comprehensive 24/7 Olympic coverage which will include the reporting of all Gold, Silver and Bronze winners, and special noting of every world and Olympic record.

Outside the Lines Pieces:

July 29 – Outside the Lines First Report (3 p.m.): Wwhat has changed in and out of the pool for Michael Phelps since the 2004 Athens Olympics — ESPN The Magazine’s Eric Adelson

August 3 – SportsCenter (10:30 a.m.): what plan does the U.S. men’s basketball team have in place to address the questions about China’s human rights issues – Shelley Smith

Sunday, Aug. 17, SportsCenter (10:30 a.m.): how Brazilian Vanderlei de Lima led the 2004 Marathon by 30 seconds with less than four miles to go when Neil Horan aka “The Grand Prix Priest” ran onto the course and shoved him into the crowd as a way to publicize his religious beliefs to a large audience. — Chris Connelly

Sunday, Aug. 17, Outside the Lines (9:30 a.m.): an examination of Kenya’s violence toward Olympians — John Barr went to Kenya to report

ESPN.com: Pat Forde, Jim Caple, Elizabeth Merrill and Chris Sheridan will represent ESPN.com in Beijing, and ESPN.com will feature a special Olympics section. ESPN.com has already launched Moment In Time, a comprehensive, multimedia look at past and present moments and athletes of the Summer Olympics, and a look ahead to Beijing.

So your players are Jeremy Schaap, Pat Forde, Jim Caple, Elizabeth Merrill and Chris Sheridan and George and expect to see a lot of pieces of them standing outside buildings due to rights issues. Should be a fun month.


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