For years and years I’ve been telling bosses/employers that I would “not be in” on the Monday after the Super Bowl (in fact it’s going on 6 years straight). But some blokes in North Carolina have decided to bring it to Congress (or some lowly NC congresswoman named Sue Myrick)…

From Newsday…..That official day off would be observed on a Monday, in the grand American tradition of the three-day weekend – and in recognition of the debilitating Sunday excess of unhealthy food, strong beverage, televised sporting violence, relentless commercialism and not a small amount of gambling. No need to call in sick if the office is closed.

By Friday, 7,401 “yes” votes had been cast at the Web site in favor of a day-after Super Bowl holiday observation. (There were 268 “no” votes.) This self-proclaimed “grass-roots political campaign,” begun shortly before the 2006 Super Bowl, is “serious,” said SuperBowlMonday creator Robert Chute, 40, of suburban Charlotte, generating “hundreds of thousands of hits a day.”

That’s a lot of signatures actually, and I’m SUUUURE this is going to work. Yep, asking for a holiday that involves drinking your face off the day before and waking up at noon……wait a tic…..isn’t there one of these circa January. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.… early and vote often!

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