Wait, wha….wha happened? I fell asleep during the third quarter. Did the Cavs win? No??? Rats. Was it at least close? It wasn’t??? Damn….lemme guess, Mike Brown stopped setting picks for Lebron and the Cavs looked like they weren’t even running an offense.

Ding! Wow, can’t believe I predicted that one. What’s that you say? It was the lowest rated Game One in NBA Finals’ History? A 7.9 and a drop of 15%….I wonder who could have predicted that. Oh yeah…me.

I’m so not proud of that by the way. I wanted this series to be so exciting I couldn’t talk or type after the games. But you know what? That’s not happening. Game One was so boring that A) I did fall asleep (I woke up in the 4th), and B) The ratings might go down as the worst ever after that sorry performance by Lebron. Most of the blame should fall on Mike Brown, but that was one uninspired performance by King James.

Oh well, it’s not like I’m going to stop watching….I’ll just miss a quarter here and there napping. Onto the top quotes….

“Now they’re here they have that liquor courage”- Grant Hill taking about the Cavs, I always thought it was liquid courage, but either way that was funny.

“I believe in long kisses that last 60 seconds, but I don’t believe the Cleveland Cavs will beat the Spurs”- Jon Barry, Yeah….Didn’t really want to know that Jon.

“They’re getting married next month…do you think Eva is getting cold feet”- Breen
“Well I know Parker isn’t getting cold feet cause he’s got hot hands.”- Mark Jackson
I have no idea what Mark Jackson is talking about half the time.

“They guy can get anywhere on the floor because of his feet.”- Mark Jackson
See above.

“Boobie Gibson with the pretty move.”- MB
“What You Call Me?!?!?!”- MJ
And again.

P.S.- Since we’re talking ratings….the MLB draft got a 0.3. Those .3 were all bloggers live-blogging.

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