I’ve decided on only doing one live-blog a night for the rest of the week. Why? Because A) I won’t survive through next week, and B) The Awful GF will kill me if she doesn’t get her “me time”. (That’s a joke honey…..well, sort of.)

So here’s where you come in. We’re going to have a vote for which game you want live-blogged each day. This should be fun right? I’m hoping to maybe get a quarter of the votes that the The Big Picture: Who Would You Do? Contest is getting, but if not….who cares right?

So whether you are a regular, lurker, or first timer vote on one of the three games for tonight. If you feel like Butler-Wright State is the best game then vote for it. If you want to be evil and force me to do the Sun Belt Championship of North Texas-Arkansas State…..vote for it. Onto the poll….if you want to tell me why you picked which game…..leave it in the comments.

Which Game Should AA Live-Blog Tonight?
The MCC Championship at 7pm (Oakland-Oral Roberts)
The Horizon League Championship at 9pm (Butler-Wright St.)
The Sun Belt Championship at 9pm (North Tex-Ark St)
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Oh and also, Marco at Just Call Me Juice has already volunteered for two games. He’s on the NEC game tomorrow night at 7pm, and the play-in game on Tuesday. Thanks Marco, and if anyone wants to fill in the other holes let me know.

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